Hi! I'm Alexandre 'Pridexs' Maros. Computer Science student at UDESC who likes to experiment with stuff.

About me

Currently studying Computer Science at UDESC - Santa Catarina, Brazil. I also studied abroad for one year at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Dublin, Ireland throug the Science Without Borders programme.

I love Computer Science and I am always trying to create something new, understand a new technology or mess around with existing ones. I don't often publish the stuff that I do, but I am trying to change that, so check my GitHub or my Blog for some ~maybe~ interesting little projects.

Curent Projects

Here are a few projects that I am working on. They may not have information about them (I will add info as soon as possible!)


A place to write about whatever comes to my mind.

Visual Identity

The visual identity guideline to and

Extracting MiBand data

A way to extract Xiaomi's MiBand data from the app to use it in data visualization, etc.

Life Goal Website

A way to keep track of your goals. Not yet available.